Let’s be honest.

Going after your dreams, isn’t for the faint of heart.

Not that I am saying you’re not a baddass and you aren’t doing the work to make it happen. I mean-its hard enough as it is just trying to keep up with the joneses, your health and the rapid expansion of technology, let alone keep up the motivation to get your ass out of bed everyday before you want to, to go and build someone else’s dream.

Ya, I know-that’s just annoying to read, let alone feel.

The good news is, you HAVE a dream and its your baby isn’t it?! I mean-having something inside of you and in your visions that was created through your heart of hearts as an expression from your soul-is pretty freakin’ epic if you ask me.

Now what? Well, you got your big shiny dream. Check! You look dead sexy and you’re plugin away and pickin at your love-craft daily-ish, and you’re committed af. Check. Check. Check. Then life… comes along and stomps its giant and mighty foot down with a crash on top of your flower-ridden path, and slams its ugly self right into your nervous system with a 2 x 4.

It feels like hell.
You get terminated from your career of 17 years. Boom. A family member is diagnosed with Cancer. Slam. Your mother Alzheimer’s is getting the better of her mind and she almost burns the house down. Pow. Your thyroid and hormones get set off and thrown out of whack from the stress. Bam!

You stop exercising. You stop going for walks in the forest. You stop singing in the shower, you’re eating shitty food and forgetting to drink water and you stop practicing your craft.

Life has arrived.

So, what do you do?
See-this is life. And life doesn’t stop for nobody. Either keep moving forward or get run over. But how? How can you be so “selfish” and take care of yourself and put yourself first, when everything around you seems to be falling apart?
It is happening because you created it to see how committed you are to your dream. To force yourself to stick it out-no matter what. Well, the “no-matter-what” needed to be hell for you, cause what’s around the corner, is all your dreams coming true because of YOU.

Yes, life happens. And it will continue to happen whether you pursue your dreams, or not.
Its really just CHOICE.
Either choose to see what life is bringing to you, to better see yourself, or choose to not see the truth staring back at you. Evolve or Die.

Learn to trust the divine in life.

Learn to feel your intuition inside.

Let life come and show you yourself and keep shining bright.