Symentha Musician And Songwriter


As an ultra sensitive being, music became an outlet for Symentha to tap into her passionate heart and explore the depths of her soul.  From this space within, from where the music comes from, she becomes like a Love Alchemist and transforms her life lessons into songs.

  ” It seems the more I awaken and deprogram from the sleeping slumber of my unconscious years, the more my music becomes like a master teacher that lets me know if I’m integrating consciousness or not.  My songs have become like landmarks that let me know if I’m evolving.  No music, no movement.  That’s my cue to check in and see where I’ve lost myself and forgotten the magic.  I’m a lover at heart so when songs are being birth’d through me, I know I’m tapped into that special space.”

xo Symentha 

“Symentha is a rare talent. Her musical ability is nothing short of magic. During one performance the room I was in turned fluid. The objects in the room the looked like water. It seemed I could move and shape them at will. When she sings, I feel a resonance deep inside. She transported me to the higher realms. An ethereal experience. Once heard, you will fall in love.”

Mark D.


“The first time I heard Symentha sing, my body, heart and soul swelled with feeling and emotion. I was taken on a journey to an unknown, mystical world with her melodic and angelic tone. Symentha’s sound is like the fragrance of a rare, exotic, delicious flower. I have been transformed like this over and over again by her sensual voice and haunting lyrics. Her sacred music has altered me for life. Thank you for ‘Spirit’ coming through her, I am her number one fan!”

With my Love, Mahalia

Author, Healer

“Symentha’s music is exceptional. Her voice can raise the hair at the back of your neck, while her story telling touches a chord with everyone who hears it. The music is totally unique combining folk/rock feel with something akin to modern alternative making it new and fresh while still being approachable for a wide audience. You can’t listen to one of Symentha’s songs without it evoking something deeply emotional in you. I have seen people turn red in the face or even break out in tears listening to her. She should be and will be a great talent in the music industry as soon as someone with the clout to do something takes their fingers out of their ears and gives her a listen.”